Undergrad Thesis

Facebook has become the largest social networking site. It has the maximum number of users, mostly belonging to the age group of 19-24 years. Therefore, this platform can be a potential medium to promote youth-oriented brands like those belonging to the clothing sector. However, the actual impact of the promotion on the target audience in terms of consumer perception is the questionable issue. This is important for brand managers of apparel brands in order to understand consumer behavior to enhance the brand identity.
Secondary research along with online surveys and interviews have been conducted as the methods of this quantitative research. After comparing the findings and results, it has been found that the targeted students do not consider Facebook as reliable for understanding brands as hypothesized.Therefore, their response to brand content is limited. Nevertheless, it has been understood that the users at least view the brand posts and prefer visual appealing and interactive uploads. This does not have a direct impact on the sales of the brands, but there is a possibility that perception towards the brand and further towards purchasing their product is affected gradually. This can impact the revenue in the long run, but not immediately.
(Thesis document is available on request.)