Undergrad Capstone Project




Sreneska Food and Proteins (SFP) was a community start-up founded by an undergrad student in 2016. The firm caters to uplifting the wheat farmers who are not paid satisfyingly due to a large number of intermediaries within the supply chain. The mission is to allow the farmers to sell the grain directly to the firm, thereby excluding the middlemen and increasing the farmers’ income. SFP entails two products, namely, a lower-end wheat grain catered to the lower class population and a higher quality wheat (Sweet Grain) targeted to the middle and upper classes of India.


This Capstone Project includes curating a digital media marketing proposal for Sweet Grain.

It consists of the following:
  1. Social Media Marketing: Designing tactical media plans, managing brand pages, user engagements, content marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization: Keyword promotion using AdWords, leverage backlinks, eliminate negative/spam backlinks from Googlebots using the Disavow Links Tool from Webmasters.
  3. Search Engine Marketing: Google Display Ads
  4. Analytics: Google Analytics, Google Webmasters

Social Media Creatives using Photoshop and Canva


Sample Google Ad using AdWords

Competitive Media Metrics

Statistical Comparison among the Client's Competitors to have a better understanding of their online presence

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